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Transform your vision into reality with our outsourced IT solutions – Your trusted partner for innovation and success.

Our software development services

Combining tech expertise and industry-specific knowledge accumulated for over many years in the IT industry, Dikshatek develops custom software for Large & medium-sized businesses and enterprises. Our offering includes full-cycle software development services, meeting our customers’ diverse business needs and technological objectives.

Web applications

We develop and implement custom and platform-based web applications, including web portals and PWAs, consumer-oriented and enterprise solutions.

Mobile applications

We build robust native, hybrid and cross-platform mobile applications and make them stand out with advanced technologies like AR/VR, computer vision, blockchain, and more.

Cloud applications

We develop and implement custom and platform-based web applications, including web portals and PWAs, consumer-oriented and enterprise solutions.

SaaS applications

We help companies tap into the innovative SaaS delivery model by developing cloud-based products tailored to their business requirements.

Product engineering

We can build your product from the ground up, covering the steps from consulting to design to testing and deployment, as well as helping your in-house development team at any project stage.

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Holistic Application services

Dikshatek provides a full spectrum of application services, including development, migration, modernization, testing, and more, helping enterprises align their applications with evolving business needs.   

Application development

Dikshatek develops web, mobile and cloud applications of various complexity to help companies across industries streamline their internal operations and business transactions and digitize customer-oriented services.

Application integration

We offer to integrate your web, mobile or cloud application with other software from your enterprise ecosystem or third-party tools, ensuring secure connection and seamless data exchange.

Application migration

Dikshatek will move your application to a cloud or on-premise environment of your choice, taking steps to prevent downtime, data loss, and other common migration risks. Experienced cloud developers, we can shift your application to any of the top cloud platforms, such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud.

Application testing

We are well-equipped to perform all-round testing as well as standalone QA services for your application and uncover bugs, defects, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities that undermine its operation and user experience.

Application security

Experts in security development and consulting, we advise on how to make your applications impregnable to well-known and emerging security threats and implement relevant protection mechanisms, such as:

Application modernization

Within our application services, we offer to improve on the outdated or ineffective parts of legacy solutions, helping enterprises mitigate poor performance, usability issues, and high TCO. Our application modernization competencies include:

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