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Empower your business for exponential growth – Partner with our Volume Recruitment Service to scale your team with ease and efficiency.

Our Build Operator Transfer model offers a sustainable solution for effectively executing your product roadmap without resorting to outsourcing your software development. Within a matter of weeks, we can establish dedicated software development teams in Vietnam that seamlessly integrate into your organization, with the potential for complete transfer in the future.


Tailored to your specific needs, we carefully select candidates from our vast talent pool. You have the final say in shaping your team and personally vet each engineer, while we take care of building your development center from scratch.


With our expertise, we ensure the professional management and operation of your software development center, adhering to the highest standards. This allows you to concentrate on your technological road-map and core business activities.


When the timing is optimal, you have the option to obtain full legal ownership of the complete development center, including its office, equipment, and a skilled team of Development Managers, Software Engineers, and Product Owners. Additionally, you gain ownership of the existing operational and support staff, allowing you to achieve immediate autonomy.


We alleviate the challenges associated with establishing a new company and navigating the intricacies of a foreign country, enabling you to swiftly become operational. Our focus is on constructing high-performing and scalable software development teams that seamlessly integrate into your daily work.

Explore the comprehensive benefits in-depth and uncover the advantages we bring to your organization.

Minimizing Risk

With extensive expertise in establishing and running thriving software development centers in Vietnam, we possess in-depth knowledge of all key aspects. Our local teams handle the legal, administrative, and recruitment processes, while partnering with trusted local suppliers to establish the necessary infrastructure for your dedicated office space.

Attracting and Retaining Best Talents

The B.O.T model is highly appealing to in-demand developers due to the long-term career prospects it presents in an international environment. It offers the opportunity to become part of a company that is actively investing in the country. Our strong retention rate is attributed to advanced training programs and the chance for employees to travel to other offices, fostering professional growth and development.

Agile R&D Capabilities

Our B.O.T structure offers agile R&D capabilities, enabling you to drive innovation, conduct testing, and swiftly deliver new products, services, and features. This empowers you to maintain a competitive edge in your industry. Our collaborative approach combines your specific requirements with our proven best practices, ensuring an effective and efficient development process.

Retain and Control your Intellectual Property

Our development teams exclusively utilize tools, processes, and accounts that are either provided by you or approved by you. This ensures that you maintain complete control over your data and intellectual property (IP).


Upon the completion of the transfer phase, the B.O.T transforms into your very own subsidiary, guaranteeing that all proprietary information remains securely within your organization.

Gaining a Larger and Diversified Global Footprint

In an ever-evolving global landscape with varying economies and challenges, you have the opportunity to broaden your global footprint and diversify your investments, all while mitigating risks across multiple geographies. By establishing a B.O.T in Vietnam, you can also leverage the advantage of extended timezone coverage, providing enhanced operational efficiency.

High Employee Engagement

Right from the start, we onboard our teams with your vision and strategy, seamlessly integrating them into your day-to-day operations. We collaborate with you to establish an international work environment that aligns with your company culture and values. This approach cultivates teams that have a strong sense of ownership and are driven to deliver exceptional performance.

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Risk Free Team

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